Welcome to the former Knox County Academy

The Knox County Academy served Knox County, Illinois in various locations as an alternative middle and high school program for nearly 20 years, operating under the Knox County Regional Office of Education (ROE #33).

In 2015, a new ROE #33 was created, serving Henderson, Knox, Mercer and Warren Counties. To best serve all of the districts in the new expanded ROE #33, a new service was created, replacing the Knox County Academy.

Regional Alternative Education Services (RAES) is the new service entity for the new ROE #33, with multiple campuses in Monmouth and Galesburg.

If you are interested in attending the new RAES or would like more information about the services offered at our different campus locations, please contact the Monmouth office of ROE #33 at (309) 734-6822 or the Galesburg office at (309)-345-3828. 

If you were a student of the former KCA and need information, records or transcripts, please contact the Regional Office in Galesburg at 309-345-3828.

Thank you for your support of the Knox County Academy in the past and we look forward to serving the needs of our districts and communities with RAES in the future.