Welcome to the Knox County Academy

The 2014-15 school year is almost here and the KCA returns to serve all of the students and schools of Knox County.

First Day of School: Thursday, August 14 with one hour early dismissal. We will have one hour early dismissal August 14-31. Regular hours will resume in September. For a basic schedule of dismissals and holidays, please see the calendar for CUSD 205. (The Knox County Academy is not funded by nor is it a part of CUSD 205 but follows the same basic schedule as part of its service to the area).

Students wishing to enroll in the KCA Evening Program may call 309-345-0122 at any time after Monday, August 12 and leave a message with your name, age, prior school and phone number. Returning students please leave name and phone number. Your call will be returned and an initial entrance interview or re-enrollment appointment made for you.

* * *

The Knox County Academy is an alternative school administered by the Knox County Regional Office of Education. The KCA has two distinct programs, Day and Evening.

Our Day Program serves enrolled students grades 6-12 from all Knox County middle, junior and high schools. Students are referred by their district schools to the KCA. Transportation is provided by district schools. Call 309-345-0101 between 8 am and 2 pm to speak with Mr. Thierry for more information.

The Evening Program serves students ages 17-21 who are not enrolled in school. Students complete remaining credits needed for graduation in Illinois and earn a high school diploma granted by the KCA. Students provide their own transportation. Call 309-345-022 between noon and 5 pm to speak with Mr. Ward for more information.

Please see the pages for each program for more information.